Do you ship abroad?

Yes I do ship outside of UK. Please see Policy for more information on international delivery.

How do I book a place for pet portrait sculpture?

Please contact me via email or contact form for a quote. From bookings taken in 2019, £15 booking fee is required to secure the place. For more information on custom order, please visit Custom Order page. Please bare in mind that once limited number of space is filled, I'l close the waiting list and won't be able to take any further bookings until slots become available. 

How long does it take to create a dog sculpture?

It depends on the model and the size of the sculpture, but It usually takes 2-3 weeks for a standard size sculpture once I start working on it. Please note that the current waiting time is over 1 year for new orders.

How big is the standard size of pet portrait wool sculpture ? 

It is usually around 4-5 inches from toe to shoulder in standing, or sitting up position. *please note this varies depends on the breed,short legs dogs will be much shorter.)

I can make it in different size to your requirement which will reflect on commission fee and turnaround time. 

Do you do felting sculptures other than dogs and cats? 

Yes, I love to make any animals. please contact me to discuss your ideas. mind you, human is not my specialty!

Can I give a wool sculpture to childrens as a toy?

Wool sculptures are collectables for adalts and not toy. As well as being fragile it contains wire and small parts which may not be safe for small children and animals. I recommend keeping your sculpture away from little hands and paws.

How do I care for wool artwork

As it is made of wool, please treat like your garment, avoid direct sunlight, keep away from heat and moisture.  

Protect the artwork from pests such as cloth moth. (I recommend lavender)  

Avoid over handling and never comb the fur as it is planted by needle, not glued. Care sheet will be included in purchased artwork. 

Do you take any commission other than felting work? 

I welcome pet portrait commission in realistic sketches and drawings or caricature style illustrations. 

My current mediums are, ballpoint pen sketch, dip pen and ink, water colour and pencil.  There is no waiting list for drawing commission, Please contact for more details!