What is "Needle felting"? 

Wondering what is my sculpture made of and how? 

Let me introduce Needle Felting in very simple term!

Needle felting uses 

- Wool

- Felting Needles  


This is what we call "core wool", there are many types of wool out there, but this type of coarse wool is best suited to begin making shapes. 


This is felting needle, you see little nicks ?  these nicks work wonder when stabbed into a bundle of wool.  


When barbed needles are stabbed into wool time and time, agitated fibre will get tangled and create bond, eventually start forming solid shape. 


Stab, stab, stab, stab........ See the shape now?  


You can use finer needles and coloured wool for intricate work like colouring and detailing.

Voila! this is Needle Felting :)