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Making Of: Realistic Needle felted Dog -5. Feet and Paws at last!

Updated: May 23, 2019

This is going to be so strange for people not familiar with felting dogs! Blog post just talking about dog feet, how odd is that.. ?

I feel "realistic feet making" is somewhat considered as a difficult wall to climb in felting community.

I've been asked a lot on tips, and to be honest, I'm still figuring out the best way.

At the moment, I am sticking to 2 different methods and I'm going through one of them here today.

Before I start, Did you know dogs have different types of feet?

I have perfect examples at home (It's good to have 5 dogs ...😁)

One is called hare feet, and the other is cat feet. Hare feet have long digit bones and they don't arch as much as cat feet so they appear longer in comparison.

The one method I show here is pretty good to make so called cat feet or round feet. I do prefer using different method for Hare feet. ( Hare feet are common in greyhounds, whippet, lurcher alike. my Wanda here has hare feet!)

I was asked before why I make feet separately in the first place.

I make them separately because it is quite delicate work especially when I'm working on small dogs, it's much easier making them individually rather than twist and turn whole sculptures around during the process.

What you'll need

1. Core wool

2. Felting needle (my choice of weapon is 38 star)

3. Felting mat

4. Coloured wool (black for black paws this time)

I did take video this time, I do move around a lot as I'm a super novice video maker, but hope this might give you some idea of how it's made.

Video is fast forwarded (I wish I could stab that fast..) but still bit long, sorry if you get frustrated!

Quick walk through

1. make slightly squashed cylinder .

2. create round paw pad.

3. make them firm as much as possible

4. snip round pad in 3 places to create digits.

5. wrap small amount of wool and stab them into the indents to stabilise the digits.

It looks roughly like this once shaping is done.

Next, flip them to the paw side,

and start stabbing some coloured wool on to the pad. create paw shape.

Make four of these, stab some coloured wool around paw pads and Done!

I'm not adding nails to this dog since they will be covered by thick fur.

(sorry if you were expecting it!)

I'll go through attaching these feet to the body and also ear making on the next post!

Thank you for reading! ;)

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