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Making Of: Realistic Needle felted Dog -6. Not fur planting yet

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Now I made little feet, just need to attach those before starting to make the dog furry.

I also explain ear making here too. (it's not necessary to attach them to the head at this stage, but I'm impatient ..!)

To attach feet to the legs,

You'll need an awl, wire cutter, core wool, scissors and felting needle (I use 38 star )

First, make sure the length of the feet is right size, compare with the photo image to check the correct length. if it's too long, cut the excess off.

Make the side that is going to be attached little firmer by stubbing. It doesn't need to be solid, just need enough firmness so an awl can make holes.

Make a hole using an awl, deep enough so the wire can reach around paw pads.

The wires for legs needs to be adjusted to the right length.

Make sure the length match right and left, front and hind.

Insert leg wire into hole created earlier, push feet in until it's in right position.

Wrap sliver of core wool around legs, and patiently stab until all is secure!

Repeat four time...

then done!

I also quickly go through ear making before the next post, which is pretty much the end of this long series of process.

For floppy ears like cavalier, I don't really need to put ears on until fur is completely done because they'll get in my way while planting fur.

But I'm bit inpatient and wanted to see a dog rather than earless seal, so I stuck ears on it already. You can use sewing pins to temporally place the ears in place so you can take them off when not needed.

For floppy ears that needs fur plant, I make base shape with core wool then plant fur.

You might not need corewool base for smooth coat ears, make them straight from coloured wool batts.

First, I make template of ear with a piece of paper.

Cut to size, and test it on the head to see the size and shape.

Core wool base needs to be thinly made, I use small amount of core wool and multi-needle holder.

To avoid the wool sticking to the fabric of rice bag, I also use towel in between wool and rice bag.

You don't need to make them into shape, just need it felted well enough to plant fur in rough shape.

Use template and cut into shape.

After base is done, I planted fur thinly to see how they look on the head, but don't really need it to be done this stage, you can do it after you finish fur plant on the body, then stub ears on.

Once you plant fur on the body, you want handling minimum so whole thing doesn't get matted.

If you plant fur on body parts, make sure to be careful with the handling.

So this is it, all ready to make this doggy furry in the next post.

Thank you for reading!

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