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Making Of : Realistic Needle felted Dog - 1. Get to know the model

Updated: May 3, 2019

Since I started to post my work on social media, I have had quite few questions and requests for tutorials and specific method to create realistic animal sculptures.

It's lovely to think there are so many people out there wanting to try out needle felting and getting inspired by my work.

I always feel so honoured when my clients choose me to create their beloved family or to gift a surprise present to their loved ones and friends.

It's even better when people gets creative and make something special for themselves or for someone.

I believe it is so much more meaningful and beautiful than any gift you can buy in shops.

So, as I promised, I'd like to go through my process of making a realistic dog sculpture, with the actual commission work in progress.

I have been posting some snippets of my process on my favourite platform instagram but never managed to actually go into details so this will be a first for me and bit of a challenge to be sure!

I am posting here in my blog as a free resource for anyone interested.

There are so many good free online resources and books out there, not sure if my information could be of any help, but if it does, it'll be my pleasure!

It's kind of funny that I am more or less recognised for my realistic style of sculpture work when I am not so obsessed with realism.

Having said that, I am well into details and most importantly capturing the model's character as much as possible.

This is why I always sketch the model before I start anything.

Just to remind you, this is my method and you don't have to do it at all if don't like any of my method.

There is no right or wrong way in craft, that's why we love it so much.

But to me, it always helps to draw the subject, You don't need to be good at drawing, because you really have to observe the model deeply, that observation itself can help to capture the character of the model as well as the composition.

Even if it's your own dog, if you sketch him or her with intention, you tend to notice something you never noticed before.

I create dogs I never met before and no matter how I try, it will always be a sculpture created from my point of view, I can never know the model the way his or her family knows them.

You can kind of try to copy everything in the pictures as accurate as possible, but I knew from the beginning that creating a replica from pictures isn't what I want to do at all.

By sketching them, I can get my imagination working and befriend with the model in my head so my sculpture is always personal.

It does sounds bit creepy now I put it in writing but that's how I start any projects and I love this "get to know" stage.

This is a ball point pen study of my next model. He's cute right?

I already get really attached at this point!

I'll probably sketch his body and poses like above to get the feel of it before I start making armature. (which I will cover in the next post ;)

Well, here is my first step in making realistic dog sculpture.

Sorry I didn't start from paw making! will get to that little later 😁

Until then!


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