Terms & Conditions (custom order)


A booking completes when a provided quote is agreed and non-refundable booking fee (£15 per artwork) is paid by a customer. I will provide a unique number to confirm a booking. A verbal agreement will not be sufficient without a booking number.   

Booking fee will be deducted from a quoted commission fee at the completion. 

Expected time frame given when quoted is only estimate and depends on the circumstances it may delay or swapped around for other clients. If bookings needs to be cancelled solely from the artist's reason, booking fee will be fully refunded. 



A customer can cancel a booking any time before actual work starts.  

I will confirm an order with a customer before work starts, once agreed for me to start on artwork, it cannot be cancelled unless a customer and myself reaches an agreement of terminating the work. Please be aware that in such cases, Part of fee may be chargeable according to the material and time spent on unfinished artwork. 



I will consult with a customer to decide on the pose and the images to be based on at the beginning of the work. I will update the progress of the work and provide proof pictures of completed artwork to make sure a customer is happy before finalizing an order.   

Although minor changes can be applied to an artwork before completion, I will not be able to make major changes such as size of artwork, change of poses differs from the previously agreed requirements at the later stage of work.   

Alteration request after a customer receives an artwork is not accepted.  

Although my style of artwork may be regarded as realistic, it is not my pursuit to make a perfect replica of a model or photo realistic version of a picture. 

I will try hard to create an artwork to portray a likeliness of a model as much as my skill allows, but it does not guarantee an artwork meets your exact image.   

Each artwork is my interpretation of photo images provided by a customer and there are some limitations to what can be achieved as it is entirely handmade using wool.  

Please be aware that a wool sculpture is not a children’s toy but decorative item. It contains wire and small parts it may be a risk to small children and pets.  


Commission fee for sculptures varies depends on the size, coat type, length, marking, complicity of the artwork.  Please also be aware that commission fee has been increasing over the years as I gain more skills through experiences. I maintain the fair pricing considering my skills, labour hours and materials, and price quoted is the best price I can offer at the time and not negotiable. I may also not be able to retain the same prices for the returning customers.


Royal Mail Next day (Tracked and Signed for) service is used for UK delivery by standard. 

Delivery Fee is quoted with initial commission fee.  

A delivery is insured by royal mail using tracked service. 

T&C of Royal Mail apply to the delivery service. 

Courier and fee for overseas delivery will be discussed with a customer and I will use preferred courier should a customer have one.  

Please bear in mind that custom clearance fee and tax is a customer’s responsibility.    



Return of a commissioned artwork is not accepted unless an artwork is damaged during the transport. Please contact immediately in such case.   

If possible, I will endeavour to repair the artwork with no additional cost, or fully refund a customer upon receipt of the damaged item should a customer preferred it.